About Me

Hi, I’m Jacie (pronounced JC).

My business philosophy is simple; be original, passionate, personable, useful, give exceptional service, great value for money and appropriate laughter and tears.

I adore anything homemade, handmade, bespoke, artesian, brimming with creativity and that which is crafted so obviously from love, talent and thoughtfulness.

My passions are reading and writing and my art is story telling-specifically the one that is exclusively yours which is why you get a completely distinctive ceremony purposely written with you and your love story in mind.

About Jacie Whitfield Marriage Celebrant

My approach delivers a genuinely different experience and a ceremony guaranteed to be remembered long after your wedding day celebrations formally finish.

The ceremonies I create are engaging of your guests, inclusive of your bridal party and loved ones, meaningful to you and illustrative of your love, your promises and your future intentions.

I am inspired by the entire event planning process and thoroughly enjoy ensuring that all those special, most thoughtful and quirky details you’ve implemented are included to make your celebration a truly memorable, unique and beautifully personal experience.

With an absolute passion and art for writing, I love the challenge of weaving your personalities, eccentricities and important values into each ceremony ensuring you and your guests are able to enjoy the full spectrum of emotions while ensuring lightness and the spirit of celebration is in each ceremony I write.

I am excited about the opportunity to serve you and share my creativity, organisation and innovative approach with you in your upcoming celebrations.

Prior to becoming a marriage celebrant and no doubt like you, I had been a guest at numerous weddings. The last two I attended were the turning point for me because they seemed to follow the same stock standard and uninspiring format, they used similar, antiquated wording and lack lustre feeling.

I remember feeling saddened and disappointed that such a romantic, meaningful and intimate occasion wasn’t celebrated with the enthusiasm, love and passion I knew my friends shared for each other.

These ceremonies were outdone by the receptions and forgotten not long after the couples were officially married. It was during the reception of that second wedding I decided to pursue a career as a Celebrant. It is now my full-time passion and profession and an art that I truly enjoy bringing to the wedding industry.

I believe your ceremony should be truly unique and that is needs to engage your guests and create a tapestry of support for the enjoyment and success of your marriage long after the ceremony. Your ceremony needs to be a reflection of all that you are, with acknowledgement to the people that have shaped and helped you become who you are and it is a declaration of all that you hope to become and achieve together.

The words, rituals and rites woven into your ceremony must mesmerise you and your guests and in talking about your wedding in the years to come it’s those special, heartfelt moments that will carry you back to your day and the enveloping love you felt when you married.

As a celebrant I want to capture for you an abundance of favourite ceremony moments to hold and return to in your married years. The glistening of a tear in your lover’s eyes as you really engage with one another in the sharing of your vows, the crinkle in the cheeks of your guests as they smile remembering the common threads of your friendship, the throaty swallows and tissue dabbed eyes as we honour those in spirit through the rituals of remembrance.

These are the moments that I as an exceptional celebrant, strive to create.

Contact me now to book a complimentary consultation with me and discuss your ceremony ideas, needs and plans.
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Providing custom celebrant services in and around The Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Newcastle and The Central Coast.